Chip Clip® Woof

Chip Clip® Woof


Chip Clip®

It started with sealing an open bag of chips…and evolved into America’s most popular brand for holding items tightly.

We’ve taken one of the country’s most beloved brands – Chip Clip® - and transformed its ingenuity into a multitude of household uses. In addition to a variety of solutions for sealing bags – with our traditional Chip Clips®, other creative solutions for storing and enjoying food now include our bread clips, Magnetic Picture Frame Clips, Clip & Serve (to avoid soggy cereal), Googly Eye Clips and Napkin Clip.

Our Chip Clips® come packaged in a variety of card and cylinder display options. Click on the link below to view the line, or log into our customer area for complete product and display specifications.


Chip Clip product line examples below.  Contact your salesperson for our full catalog.