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Playful look…serious performance. Zing Brand Products

With its vibrant hues and playful design, Zing!® brightens up the personality of any kitchen environment with an extensive collection of tools and gadgets. Created by Robinson Home Products Inc., Zing!® is thoughtfully-priced for impulse purchases and is designed for home chefs who want to add some colorful “Zing!” to their food preparation.

The new collection of kitchen tools includes a uniquely-designed strawberry huller, The Incredible Hull; the Slice ‘N Juice 2-in-1 citrus reamer and knife; the Hot Stuff 3-in-1 trivet as well as a Soft-touch egg timer, Test Tools, Zing Pops, Butter Bat and various other tools and gadgets.

Each product has been carefully designed to guarantee ergonomic comfort and durability. The collection is packaged in eye-catching POP displays with images that prominently display product use.

For complete Zing!® product listings and merchandising options, log into our customer area.

Zing!® Product Images

Zing!® Brand - The Incedible Hull Zing!® Brand - Slice 'N Juice Zing!® Brand - Hot Stuff Trivet Zing!® Brand - Soft Touch Egg Timer Zing!™ Brand - Test ToolZing!® Brand - Zing PopsZing!® Brand - Butter Bat