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Bringing Color to Life and Space to CupboardsSquish Product Assortment

Squish™ collapsible kitchen products make today’s storage challenges disappear in one second…flat. Brightly colored, two-toned accents add whimsy and vitality to patented designs, and intelligent features anticipate the needs of the most exacting home chefs. The collection currently includes an assortment of colanders, mixing bowls, over-the-sink items, and kitchen tools.

The new Squish™ products hit some of the most awkward storage challenges head on, with a neatly-tamed whisk, one-handed scoops, a portable tea infuser, and essential oversized items that shrink to less than two inches in height. The exclusive design technique behind Squish™ ensures sturdy construction that allows each product to independently maintain its shape while in use. Squish™ products "snap" into place – and stay there - when expanding for use, requiring no folding legs, metal supports, or awkward bolsters.

Strategic features like gently curved rims, thoughtfully-placed pour spouts, smooth interiors, generous drainage holes, and bases and handles with non-slip grips ensure that each Squish™ product performs as well as its non-collapsible counterpart. In addition, all Squish™ products store efficiently in a fraction of the space required for traditional, bulky food prep items. The vibrant colors and playful design features, however, belie the “sturdy science” behind the construction. All materials are FDA-approved, BPA free, and dishwasher-friendly, and rigorous testing confirms that the product durability will last through thousands of “squishings.” All Squish™ products have a limited lifetime warranty.

Squish™ Product Images

Squish™ Brand Measuring Scoops Squish™ Brand Scoop Squish™ Brand Splatter Shield Squish™ Brand Tea Infuser Squish™ Brand Salad Bowl with Lid Squish™ Brand Double Colander Squish™ Brand Double Whisk