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Sink Things®

Solutions For Every SinkSink Things Assortment

Sinks and drains are sneaky little suckers…no one ever thinks about them until something goes wrong. Not everyone has a plumber in the family, so smart consumers know that a little bit of attention with the right preventative drainage solutions goes a long way toward keeping water flowing smoothly.

Our Sink Things® collection meets this need – for kitchens, bath sinks, and bathtubs – at an extremely economical price point. Strainers, stoppers, catchers, mats, and more…the assortment of products also extends to include other "sink related" items, from faucet aerators to baskets to scrub brushes.

Merchandising options at the retail level include J-hook, clip strip, or in-line programs. For complete product listings and pricing, log into our customer area.

Sink Things® Product Images

Sink Things® Brand - Strainers Assortment Sink Things® Brand - Stoppers Assortment Sink Things® Brand - Accessories Assortment