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Oneida® Dinnerware & Glassware

Oneida® dinnerware and glassware offeringsOneida Dinnerware boast the same high quality craftsmanship that earned the brand a leadership position in the flatware category for more than 100 years.  And its high brand recognition and trust among consumers makes a strong connection at the retail level.

Oneida® dinnerware patterns are designed to appeal to a wide array of tastes.  Delicate porcelain, sturdy earthenware, durable stoneware…materials chosen for each pattern reflect its distinctive characteristics.  Diverse finishing techniques bring the patterns to life through hand painting, decals, and reactives. Inspiration is drawn from the visuals that catch the eye in the world around us, and the range of designs will transform any dining table to mirror the home’s personality.  Dinnerware can “pop” and be used to make a statement of style, or create an invisible backdrop to best showcase the food being served. 

Coordinating Oneida® glassware completes the table beautifully.

For complete product details, including an assortment of holiday patterns, promotional items, and boxed sets, log into our customer area.

Oneida® Dinnerware & Glassware Product Images

Oneida® Dinnerware - Very Cherry Pattern Oneida® Dinnerware - Chef's Table Pattern Oneida® Dinnerware - Tranquility Blue Pattern Oneida® Dinnerware - Adriatic Square Pattern Oneida® Dinnerware - Jolly Santa Pattern