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Green Street™

Green Streeet Product AssortmentWater Bottles Turned Kitchen Tools

Defining the term “eco-friendly” in the kitchen, our Green Street™ kitchen utensils are crafted exclusively from FDA-approved materials made with recycled water bottles and packaged in recyclable displayers.

We’ve partnered with American manufacturer Harbec Plastics to craft Green Street™ tools with the least amount of impact on the environment.  The water bottles are transformed into pliable recycled material with a manufacturing process that uses 50-85% less energy than the process for making traditional resins.  The utensils are able to sustain high heat, last through dishwasher cycles, and resist being stained by even the strongest of foods.  The Harbec manufacturing plant uses wind turbines and natural gas generators, and the newly-produced utensils are shipped to Robinson’s Buffalo warehouse less than 100 miles away in trucks that use biodiesel fuel. 

Each tool is precisely crafted for the home chef who has a taste for saving the planet…one recipe at a time.

Sample images can be viewed below.  For a complete product listing, log into our customer area.

Green Street™ Product Images

Green Street™ Brand - Serving Utensils Green Street™ Brand - Solid Turner Green Street™ Brand - Slotted Turner Green Street™ Brand - Solid Spoon