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Precision Tools For Slow CookingCrock Pot

The slow cooking movement is back with gusto. Since the first Crock-Pot® slow cooker debuted in 1971, the world has changed dramatically, and the original ads for this revolutionary tool ("Cooks all day-while the cook’s away!"®) now resonate more strongly than ever with today’s busy, overscheduled consumers who have discriminating culinary tastes.

Our Crock-Pot® Crock™ Tools have been specially crafted for use with slow cookers. The signature shovel turners are ideal for transferring ingredients from skillet to slow cookers, and the wide-grip, sturdy tongs easily lift perfectly-cooked roasts from the depths of the cooker without slippage. Crock-Pot® Crock™ Tools ladles and spoons boast essential features that make their "ordinary" counterparts highly unsuitable for the specialized needs of slow cooking.

Crock-Pot® Crock™ Tools come in two colors, and packaging features Crock-Pot® slow cooker recipes. See below for sample images, or log into our customer area for complete product and display specifications.

Crock-Pot® Product Images

Crock-Pot® Brand Tools - Solid Spoon Crock-Pot® Brand Tools - Slotted Spoon Crock-Pot® Brand Tools - Solid Turner Crock-Pot® Brand Tools - Slotted Turner Crock-Pot® Brand Tools - Slotted Turner Crock-Pot® Brand Tools -Tongs