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Our Brands

Choice. Style. Innovation.Our Brands

Robinson’s brand portfolio includes some of the most trusted and recognized brands of today…and tomorrow.

Companies like Oneida®, have placed their brands in our care, and we produce quality, well-designed products that capture the hallmarks of their heritage. We’ve also set the industry standard in innovation with some of our own brands, such as Squish™ (playful, durable, and collapsible food prep items that exceed today’s best practices in the category).

Our owned and licensed brands cater to the needs of a wide range of consumers, from the pennywise to the big spenders. But all of our products share a commonality: value. Our product development team studies the evolving market and consumer demand to design products that offer the most value for their price point. This is delivered by a combination of sensibility, aesthetics, and functionality.

The brands may be different, but if it’s made by Robinson…it’s simply well made.Our Brands